Friday, 6 March 2009

Dramatic change

We had a problem with filming our footage as one of our actors didnt show up to the filming session. This meant we didnt have a male actor for the main role and, as we couldnt find another male who could film in such short notice, we had to change the storyline. We had gone to Royston to film as one of the groups friends had a flat we could borrow.

We quickly brainstormed up a new storyline and started filming a variety of shots including long shots and close ups. We had got enough footage to last a good amount of time and then uploaded to the college computers. We edited it so it all was in the right place and made sense. We added footage we already had to it as we had made our new plot as it fit well which also lengthened it out to a sutable time as once we had edited the first bit of footage, it had decreased so once we had added the old footage, it went back to a suitable length.



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