Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Story Boards

Our storyboards we have now finished creating. We have settled with the ideas that we will begin our story board with a shot of a group of people as in a gang of mates and one goes off and we follow his trip to a random place his whole journey is him leading us into places that are very common and run down. Through out the journey the lad/girl is listening to music not a song as such just a beat to a song throughout so the sound will be the diagetic and so seen on the i-pod.
Our storyboard contains images of simple things such as;
- Windows [shop windows, house windows]
- A Rave [Rave]
- Spilt drinks
- News stands
- Grave yard
All very random scene's and through out the scenes the boy/girl walks past the scene and it carry's on like this throughout the opening.


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