Friday, 28 November 2008


Forest Gump opening scene.

In the opening sequence to the film Forest Gump it has started off with feather and the camera is slowly moving around to follow the feathers journey which happens to end up at the foot of Tom Hanks. this could be seen as a representation of the movie itself as the feather could be a symbolic representation of Forest Gumps life, with the twists and turns the feather is seen doing it represents the ups and downs within Forest Gumps life. the style of the film and the beginning being quite simple and fits in within the genre of the film is one of the main reasons we choose this opening sequence.
Camera work- the camera seems to follow the feather as it floats down towards the road and then to Forest Gump. this is most likely achieved with a crane.
Editing- The feather is most likely some kind of effect. editing is used to represent the transition between the feather and Forest Gump.
Sound- Only Diagetic sound can be heard at the beginning of the clip and then non-diagetic sound is introduced in the form of a light piano piece.
Mise-en-scene- the whole scene seems to be light set in a town quiet very green a typical American town, with the usual church tower and bus station with white buildings and wide roads.
Titles- The titles are viewed in a white colour in the style of a newspaper with quite a thick font and it is situated in the centre of the screen in a very traditional style. They fade in and out of the screen within time of the music.



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